Burt is always the first one to start a conga line at a party.


Burt draws the extrovert out of even the most shy characters. He always gets caught up in the excitement of the moment and wants everyone else to feel the same way too. He’s very generous with his time and energy. He loves being in the spotlight, making every situation seem a bit like a party. There is no greater joy for him than having fun with his friends.


Burt is packaged in a canvas drawstring bag printed with the Ruby Ruth Dolls emblem. In addition he arrives with a short story about his personality so you can get to know him better.


Burt is roughly 45cm tall including his hat.  


Made from polyester. lycra, fleece, plastic, cotton and recycled knitwear. Filled with polyester and PE pellets.


Ruby Ruth Dolls are ornamental collectable dolls intended for 14+ years. NOT A TOY.

Burt by Ruby Ruth Dolls