Dioramas were popular with the Victorians, they are miniature models of cities or scenes, and continued to be built into the last century, especially as model railways with towns and accompanying scenery. This little coastal scene from East of India is inspired by this tradition.


Made of wood and painted by hand in rustic style, it features a row of three beach huts, painted blue and white, and a tiny boat with a newspaper sail floating in blue painted water beside them. The scene is mounted on a piece of sawn tree branch, and a banner flies above the beach huts, inscribed with the words:


Follow your dreams


This inspirational item makes a lovely gift for new home owners, students, travellers, those who are retiring, or anyone who is embarking on a lifelong ambition. It is presented in a sturdy gift box illustrated with a quaint image of the item contained within.


Box measurements: 13cm wide 10.5cm deep 9.5cm high

East of India Follow your dreams Diorama Ornament