Add a unique piece of rustic décor to your home with this stunning square, porcelain made hanging sign, perfect for gifting as a little token of love for a friend, family member or loved one.


Send someone your love and inspire them to conquer and adventure with life , featuring a black and white etched illustration of quaint little hills with hot air balloons drifting in the breeze above.


The following quote in inscribed in a black, quirky font;


‘Escape the ordinary’


The piece is shaped into a rounded edge square, creating an interesting visual when hung from its thin white-wash rope along the top side.


Gift a token that will inspire many smiles, laughs and heartfelt emotions with this East Of India Hanging Porcelain Sign, perfect for loved ones, friend and family members or just as a little token to let someone know they are in your heart.

Escape the ordinary Porcelain Picture


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