This large Pearl Anniversary photo album has a lovely heart shaped mirrored glass jewel mounted on the front. Diamante crystals surround this jewel. Additionally the title of Pearl Anniversary is foil embossed below. The Album’s outer cover is cream in colour.


Inside each of the photo album’s 25 pages contain a plastic slide-in pouch to mount a standard 4″ by 6″ photo in Portrait orientation on each leaf of the page. This creates enough space to mount 50 photos in total giving lots of space for all those memories. Each Photo has a blank space to the side which could be used to write a note should you choose to. The photo’s can be mounted in landscape or portrait fashion. When Landscape the space for notes would be above the image.  An additional blank page is available at the front and rear of the book which could be used for additional notes about the celebration.

Pearl Anniversary Jewel Photo Album


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