Delivery times may be affected due to COVID 19 on pre order items.  The product is made with the finest material, the top is made with real wood veneers, the surround is covered in quality fabric. Inside, the Tabblue is fitted with 4 x 12W RMS speakers and 2 x 20w Tweeters to give a crisp, clear and rich sound. The way the Tabblue is designed means it lets out sound in a full 360′ due to the curricular shape, allowing you to fill any room with sound. Play your own music, playlist and internet radio from the Tabblue by connecting your device via Bluetooth for wireless play. Or connect any music device via the AUX-IN socket.The Tabblue is also Fitted with two USB charging ports, this allows you to charge your devices together at the same time as playing music, resulting in you never losing your all import battery life! Another neat feature of the Tabblue is that its fitted with a Lithium rechargeable battery that can give you up 7 hours of cordless play,  to allow you to take your Tabblue where ever you like. The Tabblue is just the perfect gift for any occasion.Dark Wood now only available Jan 2021

Steepletone Tabblue Bluetooth Speaker Table