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Just a little something?

I've got a real passion for great value, high quality gifts.  I try and bring a selection of fun and thoughtful gift ideas at prices for all budgets.  

I've spent many years working for large service driven companies.  With a flock of four children, and a couple of dogs i realised that it was time to do something a little different.


After lots of thought, i gave up my day job and looked around for something that really grabbed my attention.  I'd always fancied running my own retail business, but could never quite decide what to sell, so i looked around at what had found its way home and realised that i shouldn't just choose one thing - instead look for a little something for everyone.


After canvassing family and friends i started to put together the shopping list - a small selection is on this site, the rest is sitting waiting for you to come and see...  

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